Monday, April 11, 2011

Planes, trains and strollers

I've been researching strollers for at least a year. I always knew I didn't want a travel system -- they're just too big for my short legs and wimpy arms. So, after much research, I registered for (and received) a Snap 'N Go. It's been great. But it didn't stop me from stressing over what to get once the Snap 'N Go no longer meets our needs.

That time has finally arrived. The weather is warming up, and we're spending more time outside. The Snap 'N Go's wheels are starting to totter; it isn't made for concrete sidewalks. Miss M likes facing forward and gets hot in her carseat, but she's too heavy for me to carry her for long in the Baby Bjorn. Plus, we're going overseas next month, and she'll need to see the sights from something comfortable (for both of us!).

My dream stroller had to be lightweight or I wouldn't use it. It also needed to be durable because I didn't want to waste money on something that would break in six months. It needed to be comfortable for Miss M, with a big canopy and cushy seat. And (this is obvious, right?), it had to be cute -- meaning simple and streamlined. Basically, I wanted something built like a MACK truck and designed like a Miata that would ride like a Buick.

Champagne Taste meet Beer Budget.

After months of my whining and indecisiveness and scouring Craigslist for something used (read: cheap), Chris said I should just get whatever I want. I told him it might be $400, if my dream stroller even existed. He said he'd pitch in $200.

So I described my dream stroller to my fellow WTE September 2010 mommies, who recommended the Baby Jogger City Mini. There were a few other recommendations thrown in, which I appreciated, but the City Mini seemed the most popular. After reading all the online reviews I could get my hands on, I agreed it sounded pretty darn good!

I ordered it in black, thinking that was the more sensible choice to hide dirt and stains. But I actually prefer the stone/black. And now I'm worried the black will be too hot. But it's too late to change my mind. The stroller's been shipped!